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    Dave Pretty (Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Pop, Funk)
    Alan Bisson (Blues & Blues/Rock)
    Ian McDougall (trombonist, composer, arranger, and clinician)
    Bruce Davies (funk, r&b, rock, smooth jazz, fusion)
    Barry Coulson
    George Essihos
    Damian Graham (You play, I hit!)
    Malcolm Cooley
    Phil Rossner "Boz Roz" (Original Blues-Rock)
    Bernie Shaw
    Rod McCrimmon
    Neil Bettger
    Craig Ellis
    Danny Higgins
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Nigel Hawkins "THE HAWK" (classic rock)
    Bob Nelson
    Lee Oliphant
    Toby Hicks
    Jackie Willim
    Mike Pretty
    Michael Boyle
    Keith Scott
    Kathleen Zaalberg
    Cory Steiner (rock)
    John Fisher
    Don Crocker
    Phil Issacson "Phil Isaacson" (original outlaw country, rock and folkabilly)
    Dave Paul
    Rod Arundell
    Steve Hansen (Rock,blues,country,bluegrass)
    Dave Wenger
    John Morrison - Victoria
    B J Cook
    Pete Randell
    Jim Killeen
    Chris Blue
    Tony Wilkinson
    Steve Peabody
    Dave Harris "Slim" (Blues/Variety)
    Karel Roessingh (Jazz, folk, pop and blues)
    Jeff Germain (Rock, pop, jazz, roots)
    Doug Stinson
    Jim Rodgers
    Ron Martin
    Reid Hudson
    Jim Black - Victoria
    Kevin O'Brien (pop/R&B/jazz)
    Mark Kenny
    Phil Shaver