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    Valdemar Horsdahl "Valdy" (Folk singer/songwriter/producer)
    Tomo Vranjes (Rock,)
    Mike Kennedy
    Gerry Karagianis (pop, country, rock and roll, originals)
    Ed Cliffe (Rock)
    Ken Kroeger
    Tom Gough (country singer/writer)
    Rick Brown "Richard Melvin Brown" (Country, Pop, Jazz)
    Clare Caldicott "Rabbit" (top 100,rock, pop, fusion, rockabilly, swing)
    Mauro Azzara
    Robin Horn
    Dave Pretty (Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Pop)
    Paul Wainwright "the Paul Wainwright Band"
    Keith Dandridge
    J.T. Platt
    Ron Haywood
    Frank Alexander
    Ray Cormier
    Karel Roessingh (Jazz, folk, pop and blues)
    Colin Wiebe "Colin Arthur"
    Doug Dewdney
    Jim Conarroe
    Randy Walker
    Nin Dougall
    Jeff Moore
    Bruce Rathie
    Dave Harris "Slim" (Blues/Variety)
    Terry Winters
    Lee Smith (love to rock)
    Dave Pollock
    Wayne Peters
    Don Crocker
    Rod Schmidt
    Bill Knight
    Dave Bevis
    Gerry Berg
    Steve Hansen (Rock,blues,country,bluegrass)
    Bob Richardson
    Lee Oliphant
    Larry Vincent (Blues, 50's 60's rock)
    Larry Orme (Classic Rock)
    Ron Van Raamsdonk "Ronch"
    Suzanne Edwards
    Phil Boyd
    Ken Martin
    Lori Dusseault
    Neal MacDonald
    Tony Toly
    Don Peterson (All Styles)
    Gavin Dixon