Glenn Parfitt February 1, 2017

Glenn Parfitt February 1, 2017

Glenn Parfitt is a third generation Victoria native (picture circa 1983). Growing up in a musical family, Glenn was expected to learn and play a musical instrument along with singing in key. At an early age, it was determined that these skills had skipped a generation as Glenn's musical abilities never developed but his love of music was highly developed. In February of 1977, his journey through the business of music began first as a manager, then agent, promoter, club manager, and a career in radio. During 2000, he suffered a heart attack and once recuperated, decided to create the Royal City Music Project in 2002 as a platform for musicians to showcase their musical accomplishments. He was joined by Ross Damude, Ken Sherwood and in 2006, Nev Gibson of the Indivision Network. In January of 2016 they launched the third website and are currently visited by as many 100,000 unique visitors per month. Glenn currently spends time volunteering for local music organizations like the Victoria Jazz Society and sits on the board of directors of both the Hallmark Heritage Society and the Victoria Blues Society. February celebrates the 15th year of the Royal City Music Project, we hope you can join us for one of our events.

Video Additions: Berrycup Blooze Band (1) , David Foster (1), Doug Grant (1) , Harpos (1) , Montana (2) and Playground Hero (1) .

As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, on Sunday, February 19th, at the Newcombe Conference Centre in the Royal British Columbia Museum from 2:00pm -3:30pm, Glenn Parfitt of the Royal City Music Project will speaking about building a historical database for musicians, musical groups, events and venues in the City of Victoria. Although the website's timeline now starts in the 1800's and continues through to 1999, Glenn will also be describing the city's "Golden Age of Rock & Roll" during the 1950's in great detail along with a sample from 1967's "Summer of Love" which celebrates it's 50th anniversary in 2017. Admission is a $5.00 donation and sponsored by the "Friends of the B.C. Archives". For more information Click here to our Facebook event page and let us know if your interested in attending.

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